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Weighted Vest: What Are the Benefits?

By Nuwave


Weighted Vest

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Weighted Vest: Worth It?

Recently I’ve been having  a little experiment of adding a weighted vest into my workout routine. Currently I’m doing Starting Strength and replaced the power clean exercise with chin ups & pull ups. What I’ve noticed is that while I haven’t done pull ups or chin ups in a while I still am able to maintain my semi high rep count. At my prime I was able to do 20 chin ups without getting off the bar.

Now fast forward to today, not doing them quite as much. I still was able to do 17 chin ups when I first transitioned into this new exercise. Which tells me, my strength is still there even if slighty diminished in the pull up section. Of course if your lighter its easier to do pull ups/chin ups. Since I’m trying to gain mass I’ve gotten a litter heavier which as a result makes the pull more difficult and rewarding.

Benefits of  Weighted Vest:

  • Increased Strength – You’re lifting an additional 10-20% of your bodyweight each repition. Which makes it that much harder and tears your muscles more. When they rebuild, it will come back stronger than without a weighted vest.
  • Lowered Rep Count – A lowered rep count means your workout goes faster, however it doesn’t mean you lose out on the benefits of a good workout. You actually get more done in a shorter time by using a weighted vest.
  • Increased Endurance – You become harder, simply because your body becomes acustomed to wearing that heavy vest after a while. When you take it off, you’ll be like superman!
  • Increased Stamina – If you add weighted vest to all your resistance training exercises, you’ll burn some more calories due to the increased strength needed to be applied for each exercise. However with that it will increase your stamina as well.
  • Build Muscle Faster – Quite Frankly if you use a weighted vest in pull ups or chin ups primarly (even before adding it to other workouts). You will build muscle faster than the person who isnt using a vest. You tear your muscles to a point they isnt achievable during regular pull exercises.

Simply put, a weighted vest is a criticial and important part to your resistance training exercises. Only consider using a weighted vest if your experienced in weight lifting. If your a beginnering steer clear of a weighted vest for at least 6 months. So you can build standard strength.


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