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Weight Watchers’ New Sweet Campaign

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Weight Watchers - Because it Works

“Weight Watchers – Because it Works”

Will Weight Watchers’ next campaign look like this? Recently Weight Watchers in Sweden issued a press release stating that the chef and cookbook author Leila Lindholm will be their new diet ambassador. This came as a surprise to many people.

Lindholm is primarily known for her cookbooks on cookies and cakes (“A Piece of Cake”), pizza and pasta (“One More Slice”) and sweet cupcakes (“Hello cupcake”). Not exactly food associated with weight loss. However, now Leila Lindholm has managed to become a lot leaner for her new role, which is only to congratulate.

Expressen: Leila Lindholm: I’m almost shocked myself (Google translated from Swedish)

If we’re to believe Weight Watchers’ press release, Lindholm has become lean while she satisfied her “love of white bread and sweet deserts”! She’s said to lose weight “without denying herself anything or eating any differently than the rest of the family” and “without a lot of prohibitions” or “carbohydrate prohibition”. The weight loss is claimed to have happened without “having to give up all the food and bread that I love”.

The message in the press release is clear: eat cookies, cakes and pastry and still lose weight. This is not news, Weight Watchers has been selling, for example, chocolate candy from its webshop for a long time. The most popular brand contains more sugar than a Mars or Snickers bar.

The question is whether Weight Watchers is being honest or just engaging in humbug. Weight Watchers’ last spokesperson turned out not to have lost weight while munching on goodies. Instead, she had secretly checked in at a private clinic for an extreme starvation diet of 500 calories a day, and hormone therapy.

It remains to be seen if the cookie, bun and chocolate diet works for any of Weight Watchers’ customers. Or if it works to reverse their nine straight years of economic losses in Sweden.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend eating cake when dieting – it requires far too much willpower. There’s a smarter way.


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