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Weekly Summery

By Littlebird @LittleBird_Blog
♥ How even though I was in a bad mood on my birthday the 2 hours I spent with my boyfriend made my mood a lot better!
♥ That so many exciting things are in the pipeline, 2012 you better be good to me and my family!
♥ That feeling you get when you think of Christmas!
♥ Cuddles
♥ Weird as it may be... Playing MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) with my boyfriend... Sad couple we are!♥ That we was all expecting a shit week and touch wood, it's all looking pretty good!Weekly SummeryMy birthday card from my auntie and her little family. My little cousin takes so much notise (for a boy) of my big bag of make up and long eyelashes! How cute?Listening too...♥ Not much actually, Ed Sheeran's Plus album :)♥ Alexa Goddard - check her out on YouTube, AMAZING girl!Weekly SummeryMy lovely dog, Candy!Watching...♥ Been loving watching Frozen Planet! Sad now it's finished :(♥ May the best house win... So cheesy but so addicting! Weekly SummeryMy 'Barbie' nails!Weekly Obsession(s)...♥ Ribena (yes still obsessed with the stuff) ♥ My new converse from my boyfriend for my birthday <3 ♥ Kate Moss Kate perfume, a guy at college said I smelt really nice when I was wearing this! Bless him :) ♥ My new owl earring I got for my birthday off my auntie, I love them so much, but I have left them at my boyfriends :( along with my owl ring, Harold!
“Use your haters as your motivators.”

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