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Review: Real Technique Brushes

By Littlebird @LittleBird_Blog
You probably know what Real Techniques Brushes are, but just in case you don’t, they are the brushes made by one of the Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha Chapman. If you don’t know who Pixiwoo are, firstly, have you been living under a rock?! But they basically one of the most popular YouTube ‘beauty gurus’ out there!
So for Christmas I got two sets; the Core Collection and the Starter Set. With both sets costing £21.99 each, I personally think that is such a brilliant price. The year before last I got Sigma brushes for Christmas and they were a whole lot more expensive (£80?) yet they shed and just not as nice of quality as the RT brushes.

Review: Real Technique Brushes


First impressions where and I will be honest ‘oh they all look really small’, but I didn’t understand how useful small brushes are until you use them! When I first used them I absolutely loved how they felt on my skin and how they applied my makeup, and I still think that now, and I haven’t gone a day without using at least one of my RT brushes since Christmas!
The Real Technique brushes are all synthetic, making them all so versatile and multi functional because synthetic brushes are amazing for liquid, cream or powder products, where as liquid and cream can damage real hair brushes. They also don’t shed which is just amazing, my Sigma brushes shed really bad so I found that I didn’t enjoy using them.
They come all packaged lovely and unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of them all in their packaging. I do still have all the original packaging but I just didn’t take a picture :( sorry. You get a really unique 2-in-1 case and stand, again I don’t have a picture of this but it’s really simple to use, I don’t use mine, I have kept them for travel but I store my brushes in a vintage milk jug and a glass on my dressing table.
The Brushes:
Review: Real Technique Brushes

Core Collection (Orange):
Review: Real Technique Brushes
Buffing Brush- It’s just so beautiful for foundation; it glides it on quickly, smoothly and makes it looks flawless. I use t1his brush EVERYDAY without fail and couldn’t live without this now! Defiantly my favorite brush of the lot!
Contour Brush- Small enough for a nice, natural contour for the hollows of the cheek and also amazing for blushes! I don’t have a cream blusher but I really want to try this brush with one (hello excuse to buy more makeup!)Pointed Foundation Brush- I’m not a huge fan of these types of foundation brushes, but I do find this useful for primer! It’s quite small but does apply my primer quickly and effortlessly really? I like the feel of this brush its really smooth!Detailer Brush- Yet again another really versatile brush. This could be used for under eye shadows or shadow on top of the lash line or eyebrows or lips. Because its small it’s good for loads of things! I do like this for shadow.Starter Set (Purple):
Review: Real Technique Brushes
Deluxe Crease Brush- This brush I use for concealer. It’s just brilliant for under the eyes, it fits lovely in that area and makes the concealer look smooth and flawless.
Base Shadow Brush- Really nice for cream and powder eye shadows, this is another everyday use brush. Just a staple brush in a collection really.
Accent Brush- Similar to the Detailer Brush in ways you can use this, its a tiny bit smaller though.
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush- I would say this is my least favorite and least used brush, it’s really difficult to apply liquid or gel liner with this. I guess you could use it as a lip brush though?
Brow Brush- I personally think this brush isn’t thin enough for the brows, but it depends on personal preference, I like a really small dense and thin brush for my brow. This is nice for under eye shadow though.
The UK: They are available in Boots now! But only selected stores!
For other details on where to buy click HERE.
Really good quality brushes, they don’t shed when in use or bleed when washing. When washed they substance the same quality and shape. Really lovely packaging and casing, looks professional yet casual. Perfect for first time brush buyers or just to add to your collection. Amazing prices for such good quality and very versatile brushes. Also have extra features like the color coordination and the 2-in-1 case and stand.
Recommendation Rate: Very high.
Sorry for the heavy post, but I’ve been wanting to write this for a couple of months now!Have you tried Real Technique Brushes yet?

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