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Things I Learnt In January...

By Littlebird @LittleBird_Blog
January was good stuff; until things started to get allcrappy again but hey, I’m really look forward to this short month called February!
01.  I’m more adventurous then I thought02.  On that note ^ I like being drunk and my viewson alcohol have now changed after being drunk for the first time on New Years!03.  Revision cards DO help!04.  I love photography more than I though
Things I Learnt In January...05.  No matter what, your best friend are alwaysthere for you no matter how much or little you see/talk to them06.  I need therapy for my Ribena addiction /:07.  Life isn’t going to be as simple as I thoughtwhen I was younger08.  I have been totally miserable the past week ortwo, like a lot of people apparently... January blues?
Things I Learnt In January...
09.  I need to stop thinking what other people thing,if they don’t like something; it’s their problem, not mine.10.  I have an urge to get a tattoo!11.  I have a huge passion to travel12.  I really want to start ticking the adventurous thingsto do off my list of thing to do in my life13.  My style changes a lot
Things I Learnt In January...
14.  Sometimes I wish I was someone that I’m not and Idon’t realize it...15.  I need a job16.  I’m a nervous and awkward person even though I hatenervous and awkward situations17.  Jeremy Kyle is the highlight of my morning a lotof the time...18.  So many people in the world, yet you can stillfeel alone.19.  Platypuses are real! But they’re not blue likerPerry the platypus /: (I’m not joking either, I can be so dim sometimes)Things I Learnt In January...(I NEED THIS)All images from :)

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