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Weekly Rising Or Ascendant Horoscopes – 28th July Until 3rd August 2013

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


As an Astrologer, one is always searching for the ideal way of presenting your work and with regard to weekly and monthly horoscopes I know that I have been chopping and changing around quite a lot trying to find a format and way of working that I am truly happy with. I tried monthly forecasts which took a huge amount of work and time and I have tried video which I did not really enjoy doing and because of technical problems; I found it very time consuming and difficult to record. I have therefore decided for the meantime to do some quicker weekly forecasts to see how these go, and for those of you who are not so up on the technical aspects of Astrology I have made a conscious effort to make them easy to understand.

As always, these predictions are based of your ASCENDANT sign and not your Sun sign and this of course is dependent on the time and place of your birth as well as the day. If you do not know your Ascendant sign, please click on the following link to find it out - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN . One other note. If you find that your Ascendant degree is towards the end of a sign, for example at 26 degrees Libra, you might find it worth your while to read both Libra and the next sign along Scorpio…

Before I forget and get on with the weekly forecasts that I have prepared for you, please note that I am still able to do readings, both written and live via Skype if you are interested. Just click on following the link here to book a report or an appointment with me. Thanks…   Get an astrology report by clicking here...


Aries Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

Early this week you may be interested in having some fun and frolics with your lover or partner but unfortunately he or she may not be in the the mood to reciprocate. This is not the day to go to your bank manager and expect them to be lenient in lending you money either, although at work things may be more light-hearted and jovial. Your boss may be very welcoming and supportive in helping you during this week. Watch out for family disputes or even minor domestic accidents as tempers at home get frayed a little. If you are interested in real estate matters, doing some redecoration or changes around your house or flat, now will be an ideal time to start. Mentally you may be a little more reflective right now and you may appreciate a little time for yourself rather than meeting up with friends.

Taurus Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

This week begins with problems with your spouse, partner or maybe your business associate as they may restrict your personal freedom and disagree with the things you believe in. There could also be problems between the one you love and your mother or other female relatives, your relations with neighbours and brothers and sisters will be more harmonious though. This is a great week to go out for an excursion or a trip in your local area so long as you have the time to do so, you may be overly busy with errands to run, phone calls to answer and unexpected events to respond to. This week is likely to be very busy and a whirr of activity. Enjoy the intense love feelings you have right now and the passion should continue to flow all week with you.

Gemini Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

Early this week work colleagues could be critical of you over communications, letters or emails you send, however as much as you may hurt inside be careful not to bite back as this will serve you no purpose. This is a great time for pouring over your personal finances and working out how best to use your money as your mind will be attuned to these things now. Relations at home with your family may be more cordial and you may want to go out to enjoy some retail therapy this week to let go of any stress, be careful not to overspend. Friends may upset you and cause you some problems this week however hopefully those bad feelings should not last too long and this is a time when you and may thoroughly enjoy entertaining them at your abode. Time spent with the one you love should be highly fulfilling, so enjoy...

Cancer Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

Children or lovers may cause you some stress and frustration at the start of this week as they affect your self esteem. You might not be able to carry out any creative or personal projects in the the way you had intended now. The one thing in your favour will be that you will be able to communicate and find the right words to calm down any tense situations, indeed if you will be keen to get your message across to as many people as possible now. You might be asked to do some unusual tasks at work and you may want to argue the case that you need a bit more freedom than you are actually getting. Don't get so frustrated if this is the case and your efforts are blocked. It might be an idea to get away for a couple of days in your local area or countryside, so you can relax your over extended mind.

Leo Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

You may be confronted or told by your mother or women in your family to stop being so self-centred now, (a Leo Ascendant being overly proud and self-centred, now there’s a thing !!), however you will be determined to make sure that your needs do come first. This week, you may be in a more benevolent mood to those outside you family circle and if you can help someone in a less fortunate position than yourself then you will feel a sense of well-being and contentment. People at your work can assist you now and you may be interested in learning a new skill, maybe connected to science, technology or new age subjects like Astrology. Try not to argue too strongly if you have legal issues now as this maybe counter-productive.

Virgo Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

A neighbour's words or criticism from brothers or sisters can hurt your feelings now and you may feel like you want to hide away for a while. There is also a possibility that you may make some sacrifices to help out elderly people in your community. Networking with friends and connecting with group and associations will be well worth your while this week and you may be asked to organize group events and functions. This week you may be intensely attracted to the one you love now, so go and act on those feelings while they last; indeed matters of sex and intimacy will be particularly on your mind now. Try not to contest or fight against your partner, especially over matters of money otherwise you may find they will rebel against you.

Libra Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

You may find this week that you are stressed out about money issues and you may have to ask friends or groups to help you out. At work you will be willing to give over your time and sacrifice your personal time to help out your boss or your father, you maybe asked to work out of hours or put in a special effort for them. At work you will be very motivated to get things done now and you may find that you are burdened with a lot of communications, paperwork and tasks to carry out, in short you are likely to be rather busy. Be careful not to upset business associates, bosses or your partner/spouse this week as you could be rather outspoken, major disputes may occur, and relations may be soured.

Scorpio Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

This week you may be rather difficult to your father or someone in seniority as you may flatly refuse to cooperate in a professional sense, or someone at work may decide to limit your own personal freedom. You will feel better being able to learn something new and this may be possible through the intervention of a friend or colleague, or you may decide to join a group or association to expand your life and your knowledge. This week you may also start taking work training courses to expand your skills. Be particularly careful if you are on your travels as unusual and unexpected things may happen to you. You may lean on friends quite a lot this week and you might want to get back in touch with ones you have seen for a while. Call them up and reconnect.

Sagittarius Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

During this week you might find that somebody challenges and rejects you beliefs or your philosophies and any attempt to expand your knowledge or learn something new may be mysteriously blocked or rejected. You may be involved in new more creative projects at work and you might find that you get a chance to settle some debts or financial agreements this week. This is also a week to have some fun with the one you love and if you are single you could meet some interesting and exciting people who may become friends or even lovers in the fullness of time!! Keep your eyes wide open for any possibilities that may present themselves.

Capricorn Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

This is not the best week for going to banks or financial lenders to ask for assistance as you may not get the desired result you want. Friends may be harsh or critical of you and you may feel rejected or rather lonely as a result. You could make associations or friends with people of different cultures or from far away places this week, or you may decide to book a trip, visit an art gallery, a museum or a place of interest. You might even decide to try to learn a language – go ahead and do something new and exciting. In the middle of the week, be careful that tempers don't overspill and turn into full scale arguments with partners or spouses. If you are doing any one to one business deals, things could move forward this week.

Aquarius Rising  or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

You are likely to be rather burdened with work this week and this could backfire on and business relations as you may not be in the most pleasant of moods, indeed you could also be sharp with relatives or neighbours too. Work colleagues may also may be acting a little unpredictably this week and you may get upset with their behavior and you may find that someone is playing power games on you from behind the scenes. Away from work, however this week is a good time to enjoy some fun with the one you love as well as for going out to a local gym or for looking after your health and well-being, so it's not all bad.

Pisces Rising or Ascendant – 28th July until 3rd August

You may be questioned about what you believe in this week and if you are studying or learning you might find that this is a time of hard graft and little pleasure. You will find that you will derive a much more enjoyment from your hobbies, playing sport, doing creative pursuits, spending time with the one you love and with children too. Friends can be a source of strength this week and socially you will be able to relax and have more fun than maybe recently was the case. Be very careful not to go out, be reckless and spend too much on items you don't particularly need, as doing this is a distinct possibility, and if you are doing any risky or dangerous activities, please take precautions.

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