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Weekend Recap

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
I did lots of fun homemaking activities this weekend which was fun.
I baked a couple of recipes I found in pinterest
Weekend Recapthese were chocolate chip cookie bars and they were delish - I will post about the recipe later this week

Weekend Recap I didn't get a great picture, so this is what I've got but they're dark chocolate chip, toffee, hazelnut cookies - they were a hit!

We also did some stuff around the house - 
Weekend Recapwe painted the fireplace a gray color - so the room is so much lighter now

Weekend RecapI also have been looking for some light frames but they're all like, $20 a piece, so I bought all 4 of these frames for $20 and painted them

I'm having so much fun decorating the house and I am so grateful for Pinterest. It has so many good ideas for people on a budget!!!
I was so busy this weekend, I didnt get in a yoga class or a good run. So I have that stuff to try to fit in this week. It's so hard trying to balance everything, but I'm still focusing on my goal of taking care of myself and not getting too busy. I am going to enjoy life!! Damnit!!!

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