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Week In Review December 5 - 11 , 2011

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
Here is the first installment of my week in  review entries.
  • My husband doesn't need to move the seat up when he drives after me
  • My 26/28 belt is as tight as it will go
  • My non-stretch 26/28 jeans are getting big on me
  • I can pull my jeans out from my waist by about an inch. As I said to my husband "I think that is how clothes are supposed to fit"

  • "Treated" myself to some "Real KFC" and it backfired. See "Blog Posts"

  • Told the receptionists and my leader about my blog :)
  • Weighed 294.4
  • Learned about the new changes for 2012 and they don't seem like a big deal, but that's another blog post to come before the New Year. I still need to read the literature.

The Blog:
  • Changed the layout once again, I'm pretty happy with this look.
  • Added a new :"New Recent Picture of Me"
  • Blog Entries:
I'm Still Gonna Be Fat
The Holidays
Good Riddance to Bad Habits: KFC Edition 
  •  Other:
Added The Last Time I Weighed my Goal Weight
Added three Javascript "count ups". counting the days since: I started Weight Watchers, Last weighed 385, I ended my sixth grade year (The last time I remember weighing my goal weight)
Added a "weight loss ticker" to my blog description

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