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Surveying the Damage by the Numbers

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss

Hi all! I'm back! In case you didn't see it on Facebook and  Twitter, I started back on WW Monday. I weighed myself on Tuesday, so I have a starting point. I am going to a meeting this coming week. Since the dust has settled and out of curiosity I've been thinking about the numbers.
Here is the damage:   Points added back to my daily points: 4(I was in the 30s and now I'm in the 40s)
Months since I fell off the wagon: 6 
Sizes I've gone up: 2 
( from barely a 20 to a not too bad 24)
Net pounds gained since July: 14 (average of 1.3 pounds gained a week)
Current weight: 271
So there you have it! It's amazing how much difference 14 pounds make. I definitely feel a difference in my body. I'm looking forward to getting back down so movement isn't so difficult and I don't have to take an acid reducer pill everyday. Going back on WW has also helped me emotionally. My emotions were all over the place, but now I'm getting back to "normal".  I don't have too many blog ideas, so I don't know if I'll necessarily be posting once a week like I was, but I'm gonna try!
As always thanks for reading (and for hanging in there while I was away).

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