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Weddings, Wine and Street Art All the Time

By Wanderlust23

The past few weeks have come and gone in a blur and rather than post on each thing individually I’m going to throw it all together and see what we get.  For some trips I will post separately later but for now let’s get up to speed.

I’ve been having very extreme emotional highs and lows for almost a year now – this is the life of an expat/immigrant.  In some respects it is getting better but it will be a long uphill journey and I am only at the beginning.

Alice in Wonderland - Tooting Market

To get through it all I’ve been distracting myself any way I can.  So I’m out all weekends and a few times during the week.  It is fun but incredibly exhausting.  I want to share what I’ve been doing and hope you enjoy.

A quick run down of my life for the past 4 months:


A good friend of mine got married!  It happened in Richmond Park at Pembroke Lodge and we were so lucky to have the best day of spring weather especially since the day before it was bucketing down.

Below is my friend Nicole and I doing our best impression of  Beatrice and Eugenie during the royal wedding.  It was after this wedding that I really jump started the planning of mine.


Richmond Park - Spring


I did a lot of exploring starting in my neighborhood.  I finally went to Tooting Market.  First for an opening and then on my with with Nicole.  We found all the street art and I was massively impressed that this quality and level of street art is in my neighborhood.

Street Art - Tooting Market

Dan Kitchener - Geisha

Road Trip – The Cotswolds

This month I also went on a mini break with Nicole.  We had been planning to do one for ages and it was finally the time.  I will do a proper break down of the trip as we saw so many amazing things and animals.

Simba - The Cotswold Wildlife Park


Meercat - Cotswold WIldlife Park


It is all wedding all the time here essentially but of course I am busy organizing so many other things in my life.  I went to the National Vintage Wedding Fair with one of my maid of honors (both named Jen!) and it was great.

Charlton House - Greenwich

I was able to browse without feeling overwhelmed and fill in the blanks for a few things we still need to organize.  I highly recommend it and at £4 it is totally worth it.  My only tip is that you don’t need to buy a VIP ticket if you aren’t the bride and you don’t drink.

Photography Vendor - National Vintage Wedding Fair

It was also a hugely stressful month near the end with me leaving my secondment.  We escaped to York for a long weekend where we had a spa day and mooched around the city.  I will post in full on that later as York is a fantastic destination and dare I say better than Bath.  In the least more affordable.

York Minster - York


The month is nearly done but I had lots on.  A little bit planned but mostly freestyle.  I am working on putting together a photography exhibition in October so I will be very busy in the coming weeks/months.

Battersea Arts Centre

I met up with an old colleague in Hoxton and had the best random day ever.  Met some cool new friends and Summer Sunday Wine Sessions are now in full effect.

8 Hoxton Sq - Sunday Sessions Winos.jpg

This past weekend we went to Faversham to hang out with D’s parents and see his mother perform for the 400 years of Shakespeare.  We caught some good weather but today as I type it is raining again.  Annoying as we are off to Sky Garden in the afternoon but I told my friend that she is getting real British summer weather.

Garden Life - Faversham
New Tattoo - Kent

Also – new tattoo!!  I have been wanting one in that location for a while now but just found the design.  My mom won’t be happy but she’s in Canada so she won’t see it for some time.

What have you been up to the last few months, anything new or exciting?  Share below!

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