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Things That Will Always Be Great in Britain

By Wanderlust23

Over two weeks on from Brexit.  The world has not collapsed, but the pound has crashed out and things are still very unsettled.  There are two women now left after the Tories have gotten through their voting for candidates for our new PM.

They have a tough job ahead and I highly doubt the next PM will make it through the next general election.  That is unless they stop backstabbing each other and do their actual jobs, which seems very unlikely.  Let’s hope she (looking like Theresa May) is given a chance to govern and get us out of this mess.  I doubt she will be there long but she will be there.

Massive Attack - Hyde Park

My summer has been fantastic despite the crappy weather.  I’ve hosted a good friend (and a bridesmaid) and I’ve seen 4 concerts in the past 2 weeks – tribute to Prince, with Ceelo Green Morris Day & The Time and Mark Ronson, Massive Attack, Queen Bey and Lionel Ritchie.

In the wake of this referendum there isn’t a lot of positive news in the media.  I was a Remain voter so to say I am hugely disappointed is an understatement but I move forward with life.  D and I made the decision well before the referendum to escape to Canada and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve been wanting to leave London for a long time now so to finally have a plan in place is fantastic.

The plan remains to get married next June in Kent, then possibly stay on to travel a bit and then be in Canada by Christmas at the latest.  Well that was the plan Pre-Brexit.  Now Post-Brexit it may be much more accelerated for me.  I may be leaving this October for good and while it would be a whirlwind to leave so early I am beside myself with happiness and peace.  I can’t wait to meet my nephew, see my niece and see my family.

To add to the positivity out there as around the world there doesn’t seem to be much at all I wanted to look at something that I feel the UK excels at no matter the political landscape.  Seeing as I’ve had a summer full of music I wanted to do another post on some fantastic artists, some you likely already know and some you may not.  For a tiny island the UK produces some amazing singers, bands and musical acts. So here is my run down of some of my favorite artists who hail from the UK

Massive Attack

From wiki – Massive Attack are an English trip hop group formed in 1988 in Bristol, consisting of Robert “3D” Del Naja, Grant “Daddy G” Marshall and formerly Andy “Mushroom” Vowles (“Mush”).

Their debut album Blue Lines was released in 1991, with the single “Unfinished Sympathy” reaching the charts and later being voted the 63rd greatest song of all time in a poll by NME.  1998’s Mezzanine, containing “Teardrop”, and 2003’s 100th Window charted in the UK at number 1. Both Blue Lines and Mezzanine feature in Rolling Stones list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

If you aren’t familiar with Massive Attack then no time like the present to get acquainted.  Trip hop is likely my most favorite genre of music with them being one of y favorite groups.

Most people will be familiar with their song Teardrop due to the show House.  I never watched the show but I do know they used it for their theme song.  Another favorite song of mine is Man Next Door.  Their performance at Hyde Park was very politically charged and but with them attempting to unite us all in the wake of a sharp rise in racist attacks and division.


Sophie Frances Cooke (born 27 June 1993), known as Frances, is a singer-songwriter originally from Newbury, Berkshire, England.  I first heard her early this year and she was described as being influenced by some of my favorite artists including Bjork.  Her voice is so pure and I just love it.  I know big things are coming for her.  She is also signed to Sam Smith’s management so I think she will be well taken care of.

Sam Smith

What can I say about Sam Smith, he’s made a big impact around the world or at least in the North American and European market.  Artists here always talk about cracking America, that is always the goal.  It is understandable because as the saying goes, ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere’.  It is the biggest or most influential music market.  Sam has been there and done that.  I’m excited to see what comes next from him.


I think the major appeal with Adele is that she is so accessible.  But in a way that is controlled and where she is able to still have a family life.  We don’t know everything there is to know about her but we know enough.  She also finally played Glastonbury this year.

She is able to strike a balance that counterparts like Amy Winehouse couldn’t.  Her lyrics are personal and we feel her heartbreak yet her pain hasn’t destroyed her.  Of course drugs there is the absence of drug abuse but still.  You never know how fame will change a person and Adele takes it all in her stride.  She’s come back in a big way so she is deserving of a few years off to raise her son.

Craig David

This seems to be the year or the season for come backs.  X Factor is still going in this country regardless of the lower than usual ratings.  A magical thing happened last season, Craig David came out and performed with one of the final acts.  It was basically Craig David and the act backing him rather than a duet but all viewers me included remembered how much we loved him.

So an oldie but a goodie.  He’s never really gone away but just diversified his portfolio.  Starting out at the age of 19 he’s been in the game for a very long time.  He lived in the US for a time and opened up some hotels.  Now he’s back with his unique brand of garage and r&b.

Jess Glynne

While she is newer on the scene Jess is not a new artist.  I really like her but after seeing her performance at the Brit awards this year I was slightly disappointed with her voice.  It just isn’t that strong.

Nevertheless she is unique and I love the red hair.  I will be interested to see what else she brings to the table but so far I think she’s started well and collaborated with some good people.

I could keep going and this is in no way a best of list.  Just a taste of what I’ve been listening to lately.  I am usually listening to older music or something a bit more electic but when I make a foray into listening to more modern music you can catch me listening to one of these artists.

I’m doing my best to add positivity to the landscape rather than mull over the disappointment I feel over Brexit.  I still discuss it because it must be and we must hold our elected officials to account but it can’t always be politricks.  Sometimes you need an escape and these days as I can’t travel it is music.

Who are some of your favorite British artists, old or new?

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