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Wedding Planners – Bust These 5 Myths About Wedding Costs That Brides Believe

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners – Bust These 5 Myths About Wedding Costs That Brides Believe

Many times brides think they know what to do to save money on their weddings. They want to try no-frills and DIY options that actually cost them more time and money than they can imagine. One of your tasks as a wedding planner is to help your brides stay on budget. In order to do that you may have to bust myths and reveal the hidden costs of so-called “low priced” options.

Here are 5 myths brides believe and the that truths you need to explain to them:

Myth #1 – A hall or community center is much cheaper than a a full service facility

When renting empty spaces, a bride must take into consideration the cost of rental items, such as tables, chairs, linens, crystal, china and flatware in addition to lighting, a sound system, parking valets and, of course, a caterer. In the end, your bride may have a much larger bill than if she used a full service hotel or event venue.

Myth #2 – Outdoor spaces are cheaper than indoor spaces

It’s true that a bride can get stunning views and beautiful natural decor when she holds an outdoor wedding but she may need all the rental items mentioned above and may need to deal with wind, rain, and heat. You will want her to have a Plan B for an indoor space or consider a renting a tent.

A tent could end up being the same cost as an indoor wedding but would be well worth it. Tents today are not just white structures, they can be decorated to match her theme or they can be clear and give the illusion of being outdoors while guests are comfortable indoors.

Myth #3 – It’s cheaper to let people serve themselves during cocktail hour

Guest often try a few of everything when they serve themselves and take more than they need. Suggest your bride hire servers to pass trays of some of her pricier items along with setting out lower cost selections.

Myth #4 – Buffets are cheaper than sit-down meals

Buffets can actually be much more expensive. Caterers often make larger quantities of food because they don’t know how much guests will put on their plates. Also, the more selections a bride offers, the more expensive the meal can be. Help your bride work with her caterer to determine the best option for her budget and her guests.

Myth #5 – It’s cheaper to stock the bar herself

The alcohol may be cheaper when the bride provides it herself but venues often charge high corkage fees that can erase any savings. Help her calculate the costs and negotiate an acceptable corkage fee if she is set on providing her own drinks.

To save money, she can just serve beer and wine and a signature cocktail instead of having a full bar. And today, many brides don’t serve champagne, even for toasting. Instead, they stick to wine or a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage.

As you gain more experience, you will find more ideas that can help your brides save money while still having the weddings they want.

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