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Wedding Planners – Attract Brides with Stories

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners - Attract Brides with Your Stories

Many wedding planners’ websites and printed marketing pieces look the same. Brides will find lists of services and packages, information about the planners’ backgrounds and explanations on why they’re the best.

So, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, do something different. Promote yourself by storytelling. You can attract more brides by telling them how you can help them plan the weddings they want by telling stories than by giving them a list of the services you offer.

Here are 3 points you need to include in your stories:

1) The problems your brides had

Tell stories of your brides’ problems before they met you. For example, how they didn’t know how to create and manage a wedding budget, were time-crunched because they had a full-time job or were trying to DIY and not doing well. Talk about whatever challenges they were facing that seemed overwhelming to them and made them turn to you. Be clear about some of the emotions your brides were going through during this time because chances are good that brides reading your website will be able to relate to them.

2) What you did to help them solve their wedding planning problems

Tell the stories of how you helped your brides overcome their problems. Supply a few details that will help future clients see that you understand the problems they are having and are uniquely qualified to help them. You’re much more than a list of wedding planning services!

3) Give the outcome

How did the brides feel after you took over the wedding planning process for them? How did their weddings turn out? It’s best if you can get brides to tell their own stories in testimonials that they allow you to share with others. However, if you haven’t received any, go ahead and explain how happy your brides were and how well the weddings turned out. Aim to get testimonials from future clients.

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