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Wedding Planners – 8 Tips For Using Skype To Connect With Brides

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners - 8 Tips For Using Skype With Brides

Whether you are planning a wedding with a bride who lives across town or across the world, one great way to meet is by video via Skype. This method gives you the ability to see the bride without the need to travel, and it’s free.

Here are 8 tips for good Skype etiquette as a wedding planner:

1) Have a professional name on Skype

Use your own name or the name of your wedding planning business.

2) Make an appointment with your bride

Just like a meeting in person, agree on a meeting time in advance.

3) Prepare an agenda

Know what you need to accomplish so you don’t waste time on the call.

4) Use a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer

Don’t try to talk from a smartphone! Be sure your tablet or laptop is on a stable, flat surface when you are on the call so the camera is not shaky.

5) Be camera-ready

Remember the bride will be able to see you and whatever is in the background. Have your “professional face” on and clear any clutter that is within camera range. (You might want to do a test call with an assistant or friend.)

6) Control background noise

Turn off the radio or television, close windows to keep outdoor noise at a minimum, and keep children and pets out of the room. (If you plan to use Skype frequently, you might want to invest in a headset with a microphone that plugs into your computer.)

7) Don’t multitask

The bride can see what you are doing. Concentrate on her and remember you need to look at her through the camera lens and not your computer screen.

8) Close unnecessary applications before the call

In the event you want to share something on your screen, close your email, other Internet connections, and any documents you are working on that don’t pertain to her wedding.

Of course, you will still keep in touch with your bride via phone calls and email but video givesyou the opportunity to have a more personal interaction.


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