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Wedding Planners – 6 Steps for Setting New Year’s Goals You Can Accomplish

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

 Wedding Planners - 6 Easy Steps for Setting Goals You Can Accomplish

Every year wedding planners and wedding planners-to-be set goals for themselves and their businesses that end up being sources of frustration and depression because they weren’t achieved.

Don’t let that be you!

Here are 6 steps for setting goals that you can accomplish in 2016:

1) Forget about the past

Maybe last year you set some goals that you weren’t able to achieve this year. You may have wanted to finally start charging for wedding planning or to make enough money as a planner to quit your day job or to start attracting brides who have bigger wedding budgets, but it didn’t happen.

Don’t beat yourself up over it! If you dwell on what you didn’t do or did wrong, you won’t have the confidence you need to succeed.

Think instead of what you learned while you were working to reach those goals and use that information to help you set and accomplish your 2016 goals.

2) Make short-term goals

Set goals that you can achieve in 90 days instead of 365 days. This is a more manageable length of time and allows you to realize success more frequently which ultimately helps you to accomplish more in a year.

3) Be specific

Set measurable goals. For example, don’t just say, “I want more brides by April.” Set a realistic goal of the number of brides you want to have as clients by the end of March.

4) Write down your goals

I really believe in the power of the written word. Write down your goals and post them in your office where you can see them every day. This will remind you to take action.

5) Create an actionable plan

Once you have written your goals, write down the steps you will take to achieve them. Break down your steps into daily tasks and schedule them on your calendar.

6) Plan a celebration

Plan a way to celebrate your success. You may want to treat yourself to a well-deserved day off, write down you success and post it in your office, share it with friends and family or take yourself out for lunch or to a spa. Whatever you do, make a plan to celebrate. Acknowledging your success will give you the confidence and motivation you need to set and accomplish more goals in the future.

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