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Wedding Planners – 5 Ways To Make 2014 Your Best Year

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners - 5 Tips for a Successful Year

If you want next year to be the year you start your wedding planning business or take your business to the next level, you have to take some action to make it happen for you.

Here are 5 things to do to help you make 2014 the year in which you get what you want:

1) Decide what you really want

Do you really know what you want your life to look like in the next year? I don’t mean, for example, a vague, “I want to make more money.” or “I want to be more successful.” Decide how much “more money” is or what “more successful” looks like to you. Have a clear, detailed picture in your mind.

2) Write down your goals

Once you know the things you want, write them down and make a commitment and a plan to have them.

I know not everyone takes the time to write down their goals, but I know from personal experience that just keeping your goals in your head doesn’t work, you have to write them down! There is something about seeing them on paper that makes you move into action.

3) Become an early riser

Many successful people get up by five in the morning. It gives them the time they need to think and get organized before the rest of the world makes demands on them.

If this isn’t doable for you, try getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual to give yourself some time to focus and decide how you are going to tackle your day. (This means you may also need to get to bed earlier.)

4) Get rid of your time thieves

Take a look at how you have been spending your time each day and eliminate tasks that don’t help you move towards your goals. Excessive time on social media, texting, talking on the phone or watching television could be robbing you of precious time you could be spending on  improving your business or bonding with your family.

5) Make it a point to learn something new

Read books and/or attend classes in a new subject. This will not only help your personal development it may introduce you to new people who can help you with your wedding planning business.

Also, consider keeping a journal in the new year. Taking some time at the end of each day to write down your feelings and thoughts will help you gain clarity about your daily activities and give you ideas on how you can get closer to achieving your goals.

Wishing you your best year ever. Happy New Year!



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