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Wedding Planners – 5 Ways To Cope With Rejection From Brides

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners 5 Tips For Handling Rejection

As you start your wedding planning business, you’ll realize that you’ll need to be prepared for rejection. Not every bride will be interested in your services. And, you can create a great proposal, know you are the perfect wedding planner for a bride, and be told she isn’t interested, or worse, never even hear back from her.

Understand that every successful wedding planner faced rejection when they first started. What helped them be successful is they didn’t let it get them down. They recovered quickly and went right back out talking to more brides.

Here are 5 tips that will help you cope with rejection:

1) Don’t take rejection personally

When you are new, after a few rejections you might start to think you aren’t good enough to be a wedding planner. Instead remember that the bride isn’t rejecting you personally, she is saying she feels that your services or your proposal aren’t right for her.

2) Listen to openly to any feedback

The bride might give you an idea of why she didn’t hire you. Listen with an open mind, what she says may give you ideas about how you might want to change your services to appeal to other brides in the future. Or, help you realize you are marketing to the wrong niche because your services may be more desirable to a different type of bride.

 3) Act professionally

Don’t display anger or tell the bride she is making a mistake by not hiring you. Respect her decision, thank her for her time, and wish her well. You never know, plans do change and you may have a chance to work with her or one of her friends in the future.

4) Be positive

As difficult as it may seem at the time, you must limit the time you allow yourself to be sad and upset about a rejection. Wallowing in disappointment will make a rejection seem worse than it really is. Go do something you love for a while and take your mind off of it.

5) Move on

Successful wedding planners realize that rejection is just a part of having a business. The faster they bounce back, the faster they find their next opportunity to work with a bride who values what they do.


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