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Wedding Planners – 5 Ways To Build Trust With Brides

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners - Brides Hire Wedding Planners They Can Trust

What key element makes a bride select you over another wedding planner? Trust. She needs to be able to trust you to fulfill your duties, help her have her dream wedding, and relieve her of the stress of doing it all herself.

Here are 5 ways to show you are trustworthy:

1) Pay attention

Whether over email, or in person, allow the bride to speak. Ask her to tell you about herself, her fiance, and her wedding dreams. You can then determine what she needs and respond directly to those needs. This will show her that you understand her and can help make the wedding planning process easier for her.

2) Make her feel good about her ideas

Because of your knowledge and experience, you’ll know a lot more than most brides about wedding planning and design. However, never make a bride feel stupid. Think before you speak when giving your opinions and pay attention to your tone of voice. She won’t trust or hire someone who doesn’t make her feel good about herself.

3) Showcase your knowledge

You should have a portfolio, website, and blog filled with photographs of your best work so brides can easily see that you know how to plan weddings.

4) Be responsible

Show up on time to meetings and call when you say you will. If she has asked for a proposal, present it in a timely manner.

5) Don’t overpromise

There is a saying in business, “The formula for success: under promise and over deliver.”

It’s tempting to tell a bride you can do everything she asks in order to get a her to hire you. But if you can’t do the things you say you can, she will notice very quickly and you will lose her business and much more when word gets out that you cannot deliver on your promises.

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