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Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Package My Wedding Planning Services?”

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

How Wedding Planners Can Package Their Services

If you’re not sure how to package your wedding planning services, today’s Q&A will help you get started.


I’m just starting my wedding planning business and want to put packages together. Can you give me some tips?


You’re smart to package your services. Brides appreciate packages because they know what they are getting for their investment. You’ll like them too because you’ll be booked for more work than you would be if you only charged by-the-hour.

Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts for creating packages:

DO offer packages that solve specific problems for the brides in your niche

Think about the brides in your target market. What problems do they have? What services can you bundle together that can help solve those problems?

DON’T just copy what other wedding planners are packaging

Not all packages work for all niches. Your packages must include unique services that appeal to your niche and highlight your skills and knowledge. If they don’t have these qualities, brides won’t see why they should hire you instead of someone else.

DO have a few packages to choose from

Offer different tiers of packages, from one that is a small investment, to medium-priced packages, to top-tier, comprehensive packages. Allow brides to upgrade to higher level packages and purchase additional services outside of a package.

DON’T choose “generic” names for your packages

Avoid names such as “Starter” or “Basic.” Think creatively and select names that will help your brides visualize the benefits they will get from buying your packages.

DO explain the benefits of your packages in your marketing messages

Instead of just a list of the features of your packages, tell brides the benefits of those features. Remember that brides buy benefits, so tell them how you would save them time, save them money, reduce their stress, and mention other benefits that you know are important to your target brides.

DON’T price your packages too low

When you’re new, you might think you can get more business by pricing your packages very inexpensively, but this isn’t true. You might be surprised at how many brides will be interested in your top-tier packages if you offer special, unique services that speak to their needs.

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