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Wedding Planner Q&A; Day – How Do I Create A Wedding Planner Portfolio When I’m Just Starting?

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

7 Tips For Creating a Wedding Planner Portfolio

New wedding planners have been contacting me with a lot of questions about putting together their portfolios so I’m covering that topic in my Q&A today.


I’m just getting started with my wedding planning business. Can you suggest what I can put into my portfolio and how to put it together? I’m searching the Internet for ideas and I’ve started to scrapbook.


Here 7 tips for creating a professional wedding planner portfolio:

1) Offer to plan weddings for free for family members, friends, and members of your place of worship

This is the way you’ll start getting the photographs and written testimonials of your work that you need for your portfolio and, of course, get more experience. Consider putting in writing the services you will be providing to a bride and groom so they know what to expect. For example, are you giving them full service wedding planning or only helping with the rehearsal and wedding day coordination.

2) Use only professional or professional looking photographs

Your photographs need to  impress potential clients so talk to the photographers of the weddings that you plan and ask about getting their photographs for your portfolio. Don’t attempt to take your own photos while you are also planning weddings and don’t use any snapshots taken from mobile phones.

3) Be sure the photographs are only of your work

I’ve seen portfolios and website galleries of new wedding planners that are full of photos from the websites of wedding photographers, other wedding planners, and paid stock photo sites. Be honest and showcase only your work.

4) Include documents about your achievements and memberships, if they relate to being a wedding planner

If you have received a certificate or diploma in wedding planning, event design, or floral design, include them in your portfolio. If you are a member of an association for wedding and/or event planners, include your membership certificate. These documents show brides that you are serious about your business and are an active member in the community of wedding professionals.

5) Show off your ability to organize

Examples of budgets and timelines you have created will show a bride how well organized you are and help her to see that in order to get on track and stay on track with her wedding plans, she will need your help.

6) Make sure your portfolio looks professional

A hard copy should look like a well-organized, professional album with photographs, testimonials, and other documents neatly laid out so you can easily review it with a potential client. You can also have it available on an iPad or other tablet to bring to meetings. Just be sure your equipment is fully charged and you don’t need Internet access to show it, because wifi may not be available everywhere you go.

7) Practice talking about your accomplishments

You don’t want to just hand over your portfolio to potential clients to review by themselves. You want to be able to share your stories and express the passion behind the photographs and testimonials in your portfolio. This way a bride gets to know you and gets excited about the possibility of having you help her plan her wedding.

Remember to  keep your portfolio up-to-date with the latest examples of your work. As you plan more and more weddings, you’ll be developing more expertise and will want to make sure your portfolio highlights your best work.

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