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We Don't Talk to Him

By Myfilmproject09

So this is my distributor in the hospital. I listened to him and thought that it's all good and that since he's in the hospital and seeming healthy he must be reasonably okay. I said we'll talk about Blu-ray videos. Which I thought this would put the pieces together. Also I never got a Blu-ray video neither during the big disappearance.
So I picked up some names and horror fans and collectors as well. But I did get one thing. My distrib had part of the distribution, who looks very close to my guy. Short, fat guys. Nice guys too. I think I met Bro 2. You rarely get good distributors because they get your money first.
My first distrib, from Israel was a lesson and left us with no money at all. This was my first lesson.
After that all I had left was the distributor of my leading actress. He managed to get video for Canada. This was 90's and the movie was pretty much dead.
But then, someone spotted my old video and liked it. And he was a feature film company person and worked for New World Video. This took Ghostkeeper to video. It lasted for awhile and enough that it began to sell the video all over the world. Surprise.
At this time, early 2000's Ghostkeeper begin playing in South America and other countries. They had some great covers, way crazier than our hotel-in-snow. One never suggested that it was snow, why not make the cover completely crazy, a monster and south american creature.
A long way from the Canadian Rockies.
And then I began hearing reviews on Ghostkeeper, mostly half and half. And they were coming from Germany and other European horror fans always looking for new movies. And many times finding old ones like mine. My movie was a hit of sorts so I began getting "fan mail".
But the big thing began to come from England where there were well-written articles on horror films and of course, Ghostkeeper. And really good articles. One writer wrote a very good article on Ghostkeeper, not always given it good comments but smart. By now I began getting fans myself.
And now I discovered the distribution person who seemed pretty good, he told me what he was doing. He threw in better dvd and finally and Blu-ray.
Now what?
* Had a break in my laptop for 3 days...

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