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Waterproof MP3 Player: It’s Beach Time!

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Anna Peterson

Last week we introduced you with some cool waterproof cameras. Today, we’d like to show you amazing waterproof MP3 players, perfect sound accessories for those who like to relax on the beach and enjoy their favorite tunes. These MP3 players aren’t only ideal for summer vacation, but for all seasons. For instance, if you like running in the rain, you can still enjoy your work-out playlist with one of these MP3 players on, since they are completely waterproof.

These waterproof MP3 players are made by renowned companies whose products are defined by an excellent quality. The best thing is that these products are on sale on MyTrendyPhone, so here’s your chance to get yourself an amazing product on discount and experience new way of listening to music!

Grundig MP3 928 Hydrox MPaxx

Waterproof MP3 Player: It’s Beach Time!

Grundig MPaxx 928 Hydrox MP3 Player

This waterproof MP3 player is very compact (4.4 x 7 x 2 cm) and therefore an ideal partner for your outdoor activities. The Li- polymer battery will provide you with up to 7 hours of powerful music playback. The earphones included are also water resistant. Thanks to the capacity of  2 GB, this player can store about 500 songs. A USB 2.0 port is available.

White/Orange: (price-£ 36.60)

Black/White: (price- £ 29.30)

Speedo Aquabeat V2.0

Waterproof MP3 Player: It’s Beach Time!

Speedo Aquabeat V2.0 MP3 Player

Speedo Aquabeat V2.0 is a MP3 player resistant to water that comes with 4 GB of internal memory. Sleek and compact, this player is compatible with MP3, WMA, FLAC and APE formats. The polymer rechargeable battery offers up to 25 hours of use. If you like to listen to your favorite music while exercising, the Aquabeat 2.0 is a perfect solution.

This player comes in several color combinations:

Black - (price-  £ 61.30)
Green - (price- £ 81.10)
Pink - (price- £  111.30)

Player Sony NWZ-W273 MP3

Waterproof MP3 Player: It’s Beach Time!

Sony NWZ-W273 Mp3 player

This Sony player is light and compact, no wires, easy and comfortable to wear. It has a USB connector so you can easily import the songs directly from iTunes. It has a powerful sound quality while the battery life is also outstanding (up to 8 hours). The Sony NWZ-W273 is 100% waterproof and can be used underwater to a depth of 2 m. Ideal for swimmers.

Black: (price-  £ 103.50)

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