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Smartphone Problems and How to Solve Them: Summer Edition

Posted on the 07 August 2014 by Anna Peterson

Summer is a beautiful time of the year when you get to go on a vacation, relax in the sun and, hopefully, do nothing. :D However, it also brings numerous problems with our smartphones, such as overheating and screen visibility issues. In order to have you worry as little as possible about your favorite device and enjoy yourself as much as you can, we have prepared a list of the most common smartphone problems that can occur in the summertime and how to solve them. :)


Summer Smartphone Problems

You’re at the beach, soaking up the sun and listening to your favorite songs on your phone, when you suddenly notice that your handset is too hot to even hold. That’s definitely a sign that it should be taken out of direct sunlight and put somewhere cooler. Your phone will even alert you via a warning on your screen and shut down. Overheating can cause permanent damage to your phone, so be sure not to mess around.

Additional tip: Your battery can be the cause of the extreme heat and in order to prevent it from overheating, you should turn your phone off when you’re not using it and exit all of the apps you don’t need at that moment.

Screen Visibility

Summer Smartphone Problems

One of the most annoying problems, in our opinion. You can see everything just fine on your phone’s screen when indoors, but step outside, and good visibility is a thing of the past. You can turn up the brightness level to the maximum, sure, but this will ultimately drain your battery and won’t solve anything.

Our advice is to invest into an anti-glare screen protector – they block out the reflection of UV rays and basically cancel out irritating screen glares. MyTrendyPhone offers a number of great screen protectors for your phone, but you can also get them at any gadget or tech store.

Water, Sweat and Sand Take Over

Smartphone Summer Problems

If you notice that you smartphone is covered in sweat or if it lands in the water, turn it off immediately, take it out of its case and then dry it out with a soft cloth or a cotton swab. You can also place it into a bowl or a bag of uncooked rice over the night or even for a couple of days – this should absorb any leftover moisture (make sure to take out your battery and SIM card before doing this, if you can).

Sand is also your phone’s enemy, so before you head down to the beach, protect your phone with either with a plastic cling wrap or a waterproof case (these will protect your phone from both water and sand damage). If your phone falls into the sand, clean it out as soon as you can: turn it off first and then use a bag of compressed air to blow out the sand (a vacuum cleaner will do, too).

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