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Warrior 1 Pose – Yoga – Steps

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

Warrior 1 is often described as a “beginner level standing post” and a “hip opener”.

The posture is described as “internal rotated femur” – this is the same as warrior 3

DISCLAIMER – consult a doctor if you have any injuries or illnesses that could impact your ability to perform yoga poses

A gentle warm up of half squats and arm circles is also a good idea

be careful not to over-arch your back

There are various ways or steps of getting into the pose, but we will outline the most common

Warrior 1 Yoga Pose

Step 1

  • Stand at the top of the mat with your feet together
  • Step back with the left foot
  • Keep the toes of the right foot pointing forwards
  • Rotate the toes of the left foot pointing 45 degrees to the left of the mat
Warrior 1 Pose – Yoga – Steps
  • Make sure that the back foot/left foot is firmly pressed into the floor – heel should be firmly pressed downwards into the mat – if you heel or outer edge of the foot is lifted up, shorten the gap between your feet
  • Ensure the Pelvis is neutral – NOT tilted forwards or backwards
Warrior 1 Pose – Yoga – Steps
  • If necessary draw your belly button in to help ‘tuck your tailbone’ under the rest of your spine
  • The Front foot/right foot – should have the knee vertically inline with the ankle
  • The front foot – the knee should be inline (horizontally) with your second toe
Warrior 1 Pose – Yoga – Steps
  • Lift the arms up by rotating both arms together from the shoulder joint
  • Lift the hands upwards and point the fingers
  • Do not hunch your shoulders – stay relaxed around the neck and shoulders

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