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Warning Label on U.S. Soda Advertisements May Be Coming Up

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

A soda tax was recently introduced in Berkeley, California. Now San Francisco may start requiring health warnings on advertisements for sugary drinks. A decision is expected soon.

In Mexico, the world's most obese nation, a soda tax was enacted last year and recent statistics already show significantly reduced soda sales. The soda tax works.

This all happens despite massive opposition from the soda industry's lobbyists and the sugar industry's paid "scientists" (those who still claim that sugar is harmless, with sugar money in their pockets.)

Nothing is likely to impact the obesity epidemic more than employing all means to reduce soda consumption. Soda is probably a bigger risk to public health today than smoking. So if we can stomach legislation when it comes to cigarette sales we should welcome urgent regulation of the excesses of the soda industry.

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