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Want to Quit Eating a Certain Food?

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

Whatever it is (for me it was diet coke), if you want to stop consuming it, you have to convince yourself it’s not good.  And by not good I don’t mean unhealthy.  I mean yucky, disgusting, not tasty.

Every time you think about this food, every time you see it, every time you crave it, think to yourself “gah!  That’s disgusting!”  Think of some negative aspects of this food (for me it was the prickly sensation in the back of my throat when I swallowed a cold soda) and emphasize how bad it felt.  Associate the food in your mind with something bad (for me, I kept thinking about all those chemicals and imagined a giant pool of oozing black liquid).  Keep doing this and pretty soon, your subconscious will start building up associations between this food and “BAD!”  Once you’ve done that, quitting is easy.

It took me about a week to stop consuming diet coke this way.

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