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Want to Learn Screenwriting?

By Myfilmproject09

I haven't for gotten the Ghostkeeper issue and am working more to find out who has my movie and how they have it and why they have it and also where they live. Or house.
But let's go to a different story.
I don't know if any of you have known that I taught screenwriting for 6 years or something like that. I spent a lot of time writing features and tv for about 10 years and always liked to talk to people about the business. And by 10 years I really decided to try it out. I knew a friend who knew a friend who had connections to the UCLA screenwriting courses. So I decided to teach screenwriting to UCLA students and people who could also join in.
It didn't talk long and I was on staff. I was going to teach courses to both types of students and had courses that were basically real UCLA teaching. Some were going for credits and some were just there to see if they could write a script and make lots of money.
Well, that's not that easy but again I had UCLA behind me and that gave me one hell of a shot right there. So how did I do this? I had about 14 years behind me, including my first one, Ghostkeeper. But also by now I had a pretty sense of writing movies and tv and with real credits behind me. I had about 40 different movies and TV series by them.
And I talk a lot and have a sense of humor.
I managed to do this for as long as I could, sometimes working on a screenplay while teaching on line. Online is basically taught by a teacher and students who email and even some personal students who I met, even one man who was in his early 90's and always wanted to write. In fact he already had written one. And not bad.
I quite enjoyed teaching, learning how to handle students and how to do my best to talk to. I had a student in Switzerland, another in South Korea, mostly though it was students from the U.S. You can see some of my work way back in 2004 or so. I haven't kept much of my teaching but still have the teaching courses.
Teaching on line turned out to be a lot of fun and had a lot of students who came back for courses. There were also some who taught I wasn't that good but I found that those who were not happy were more like expecting to know my courses were magical and find that they weren't. That's always tough as having to satisfy around 12 to 13 students, you get the good ones and the ones who think I'm not as good as they thought. Can't win them all, but I always had good classes.
The truth is, you can only be as good as you can. Like my senior screenwriter who, as I said, had a good story. He was the early 90's and hoped to see his screenplay work, but he passed earlier, a gentleman and a lot of fun.
I did hang out with some of the students who, of course, were in L.A. And I always wanted to meet the Swiss student who had to take that train so she could send her emails.

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