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Walking Alone

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
Walking AloneAbstract mass of gray and white drifted across the sky seamlessly- denying the existence of its bleak shimmer.The cold vicious obscurity of the night sky rejected it’s silent voice.
Infinite celestial bodies spread across the galaxy- that gleamed, remained on the dark of this silent young one.
Endless miles apart, thousands of miles below, under the same demeaning sky, beneath the indifferent swirls of gray... I could see. I could relate. I had acknowledged- it was You, effortlessly enticing, unmistakably delicate. You were there; impossibly alone, on the top of the world where it’s beautiful but, with no place to fall; to fragment helplessly, so that none could find you.
For sometimes endings fail…  Like they had failed me, like they just failed you- broke me and left you. Let failure befriend you.

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