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Waiting for the Crash of Guitar Solos

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
IMG_2512_01 Dress // 1960's Vintage // Shoes // Chelsea Crew // Tights // ASOS //
This is one of the gorgeous outfits that I snagged at the Vintage Clothing show this weekend. This soft and beautifully detailed 1960's Grecian gown was the perfect thing to wear under the white cherry blossoms that seem to be in bloom all over this city. Although the dress' origin was the free-lovin' 1960's flower children, I felt more like a character out of Jane Eyre or anything Jane Austen for that matter. There is something inherently forlorn about these dresses...Maybe it's the way the wind catch the layers of delicate voile but I always feel like I should be standing out on an unending sea of green marshes of the English moors...waiting, eyes searching for something off in the distance.
I was on the look out for one of these dresses last Sunday at the Vintage show and found this little treasure right before we left, hidden behind the more brightly coloured patterns and beaded dresses that were clearly the trend at the shows this Spring. It was one of those dresses that found me, more than I found it. I don't know if I'm the only one out there who has this experience with Vintage shopping, but I'd love to hear if you've ever felt that way too! The neat little touches are what makes this dress special. The tiny flowers sewn onto the neckline, the ruching at the bust and on the back. And the silk ribbon can both tie around the whole dress but there are also this amazing little slits which allow the ribbons to be tied under the top layer of fabric, allowing the voile at the back to fall out away from the body, almost like a bridal train. Very, very cool. Transformative dresses with secret tricks like that are such a joy to me!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend thus far! I went to a new Yoga studio today and had the most lovely time! It's in this old warehouse and it feels more like an open Art Space or Gallery than a gym! The teacher was just the sweetest too and the whole class was wonderful. I'll for sure be back there. And they even use a part of the space as a Sunday Art & Produce Market so I'll be checking that out tomorrow!!! What are you up to this weekend? Hopefully the weather isn't as rainy as it is here in Toronto for your own escapades! Thanks for all the lovely comments - missed you guys! - xoxo

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