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Spring on St. Patrick's Day

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
Seeing as it was St. Patrick's Day, your favorite Irish, red haired lassies were dressed for the days festivities! And the Vintage Redheads thought there was no better of an occasion than this, to come out of our winter-hibernation and get back into the swing of things!!!
The winter & work has taken a toll on daily blogging, for both Sarah and myself. Albeit this winter has been unduly warm and short, coming home just after nightfall made it hard to take pictures of the days attire. And when you don't have someone to take the pictures for you, you end up standing out in the cold, without your jacket on, fiddling with the tripod and timer, trying desperately to get a few shots off before the sun goes down - or your neighbours come out and think your nuts. Things in my life, as lovely as they all have been, just got on top of me and somewhere in the thick of it all, I just lost touch with the blog. But I never stopped thinking about it and everyday I dressed with the intention of taking photos to share with you all <3 But the sun is out, Fashion week is over and reignited my enthusiasm once more to get back on this blog and share - when I can - my forays into this strange and wonderful world of daily (or more like once-a-weekly) blogging…
For St. Patrick's day, I held a small shindig at my new loft with a few of my friends, cases of green beer and delicious food! From the balcony, we could hear the raucous laughter of the bar hoppers and the hearty Irish music from downstairs provided a lovely background track throughout the evening.
Sarah and I had very differing outfits for the joyous festivities. I went with the traditional green, in various hues & patterns. Bright green tights, classic 1920's t-bar shoes, and a cute little clover green dress to top it all off. As I walked down the street to fetch groceries and beer, onlookers & fellow green-attired Torontonians smiled and waved at me in celebration of Irish Pride! I only get to wear these adorable clover earrings once a year and they were absolutely itching to jump off the rack that morning when I went to go put them on. I love to embrace the tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick's day. For any of you who know me well, you know holidays are definitely my bag. I go all out and never miss an opportunity to style my look along with the theme of the day. I truly felt like a shamrock in this dress, its simple & soft scalloped sleeves like four little clover leaves draping over my shoulders. It was the perfect dress for the lovely Spring (or more like summer) weather we've been blessed with here in Toronto.
Green dressClover
Sarah, on the other hand, went against tradition! She looks gorgeous in green, wears it all the time and thus, wanted to surprise us all by showing up wearing only a green scarf and modelling this intricately detailed paisley dress. The colours almost sparkled in the sun and we all were mesmerized by its wonderful designs, seemingly Celtic inspired and very fitting for the day. But not to worry fellow Irish countrymen (and women), Sarah was sure to wear her true Irish pride right near her heart. Upon a small silver chain, hung a beautiful Celtic knot design which proclaimed her proud Irish roots. And how can you beat that hair?!!
In honor of St. Patrick, we held a pizza making party! Ok yes, pizza has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day but had pizza been popular when he was knocking about, I'm convinced he would have surely indulged himself in these cheesy treats. Everyone made one kind of pizza and we shared them amongst the guests. Pesto, prosciutto, feta, olives and more were some of the many toppings which decorated each of the beautiful pizzas floating around the room that evening. I even had the pleasure of creating a dessert pizza complete with brownie dough, cream cheese sauce & with strawberries, bananas & nut toppings! Pizzas and green beer seemed to be the perfect combination for an all around fantastic evening.
Dresser pizzaTom and ladder
The boys had fun climbing up my new library ladder and belting out songs from Beauty & the Beast as they did so (although we had to remind Jason several times that "Just around the river bend..." was from Pocahontas not Beauty and the Beast...) Our little sing-songs matched the enthusiastic choir of singers below and as the night drew to a close - at least for me - I was gently sent to sleep listening to the last of the drunkards sing their Irish lullabies outside my window...
How did the rest of you spend your St. Patrick's Day?!!!  I'm hoping to be around here much more come the Spring! I've missed you all :)

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