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By Laurawh77 @travladventurer

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Wishing all my lovely American friends and followers a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you all found yourself this weekend sitting around a table full of your family and friends, great food steaming on the table and laughter and smiles all around. This outfit has both a lovely little story to go along with it and I felt it was wonderfully festive for the occasion. I've got a little anecdote for y'all today, so read on and enjoy!
Someone asked me on the subway this morning, "What inspired you to wear all those colors?" I paused for a moment, unhooking my earphones from my ears and said, "Sorry, what?"
They smiled and said, "Well, I mean...look around." Before I could answer, the subway stopped at my stop and I had to rush out to the door, slightly bewildered. As I got off the train, I glanced down. My bright pink tights glowed against my red coat and my sequined cap was reflecting little dancing lights all over the tiled ground. I had a a polka dot skirt on underneath and a yellow and blue striped jacket popped on top of a simple black tank. Quite the eclectic styling if I do say so myself. But I wouldn't have it any other way.
As I stared down the subway hall and looked around me, dozens of people followed up and down the stairs in a sea of black and gray coats.  Jesse (one of my good friends) had made a few comments during Fashion Week, where she was working, that it was so easy to find me in the midst of the crowds of black clothes and blond haired patrons. She just had to look up for the red hair sticking out above the masses or the bright tights weaving in between hundreds of pairs of similar black pants. It was like I was a tropical fish, swimming amongst darkened seaweed. "No matter where you are," she said, "I always can find you."
Although it's not my Thanksgiving, I thought I would take this time anyways to thank all you wonderful readers for the amazing community we've built here and the encouragement you've all given me over the years to keep being the person I am :) Bright tights, weird patterns and all. In the end, with whatever you do, you have to make yourself happy. To make yourself smile. And despite what other might think of as strange and unusual, my overly bright, dreamy and sometimes even fantastical wardrobe makes me smile. It makes the dullest morning cheerful and even the darkest day a little brighter. Because sure, sometimes there will be someone to make you laugh, make you smile and make you happy, and on today of all days we can be thankful for those people. But, to do it for yourself, to make yourself happy, is one of life's greatest pleasures. It's hard to come by but worth the journey. I'm still finding my way, but I want to thank all you lovely people for helping guide me there.....and thanks for listening to my stories :)

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