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VLCC DNA Wellness Program Information and Details

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04

VLCC DNA Wellness Program.

Hey everyone, for today’s blog post I am very excited, because this post is going to clear away so many of doubts and myths regarding the health of our skin and the health of our hair and of course our overall health as well. Confused? Well don’t be. VLCC a pioneer in the weight loss and beauty segment has now come up with VLCC DNA Wellness Program to provide us with vital solutions to our health related issues as well as our concerns for healthy skin and hair.

We often wonder why some of us are not able to lose weight despite being on a diet when someone else can easily lose weight following the same diet plan?

Why some skin care products work for your friend when they do absolutely nothing for you ?

Why you suffer hair loss or frizzy hair in the same weather when others are flaunting gorgeous tresses?

Well VLCC DNA Wellness Program has the answer to all your queries. Its our unique DNA that separates us from each other. So our problems are also unique to us. And a targeted approach to our problem will fix our concerns better than a solution that is random and generic .

But before all that, what is DNA? And how does it help in resolving our skin, hair & health issues?

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a long molecule that contains our unique genetic code. All known cellular life and some viruses contain DNA. The main role of DNA in the cell is the long-term storage of information. It is often compared to a blueprint, since it contains the instructions to construct other components of the cell, such as proteins and RNA molecules. A better knowledge of your unique DNA will give a better understanding at resolving the problems.

VLCC DNA Wellness Program

You will get a better understanding when you watch this video.

The new VLCC DNA program targets your specific DNA to resolve your skin, hair and health issues.

VLCC DNA Wellness Program

Various tests offered by VLCC DNA Wellness Program

THE VLCC DNA WELLNESS Program includes the following :

  1. Skin Scan INR 5400 Comprehensive skin health panel for skin issues like acne, rashes, sun tan, sun burn and pigmentation to name a few.
  2. Hair Scan starting at INR 1250 helps identifying genetic issues for hair loss and how to resolve them.

3.Health Scan which includes ( PCOS, Bone health, Hypertension & Heart Health,Diabetes,     Hyperinsulinemia,             Gastric distress) starting at 1900

  1. Advanced Health Scan : includes 5 health scan along with Liver health with oxidation and Inflammation at INR 10,600.
  2. Nutrient Scan : INR 2900 This scan can help in taking preventative measures or resolving health issues like fatigue, anemia, migraine and rashes etc.
  3. Weight loss basic scan : INR 1650 This scan identifies the best exercise regimen to be followed, tendency of weight loss and weight gain and how to sustain weight loss.
  4. Stubborn Weight loss scan : INR 5400 This scan helps in identifying tendencies contributing towards slow weight loss and certain food intolerances, and appetite control among other aspects.

DNA screening is recommended for all ages as it is non invasive and very easy to perform. We struggle with so many issues and spend and look around so much to find a solution. Thanks to VLCC DNA wellness program we now have an in depth know how of our issues and can get a very targeted solution to our concerns.

Visit your nearest VLCC to know which is the most suitable solution to your health, skin and hair problems with the help of the VLCC DNA wellness program.


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