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Videos to Reset Your Heart This Week

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Holy Week or Spring Break as it's called abroad is a time of renewal and rest, but always hopefully a time of reflection. Lots of people won't really relate to what the Bible says about Holy Week, because they haven't encountered Jesus in the way that matters or to tell you the truth sometimes frankly the words on the pages of Scripture don't make sense or can point out our more obvious sins, but it's not all about telling us about right and wrong, the Bible was written to remind us that we are loved. Those of us who feel negatively about the Bible (more specifically broken people who spout the Bible) tend to shy away from festivities or activities of reflection in connection with Jesus due to the fact that a lot of humans representing Jesus have let us down or we think we've let Him down in our own way. The truth is we can't shock God with blow by blow accounts of how we've let Him down. What He is waiting for is whether we'll take his hand and allow Him to lift us up again. Today, in a bit I am sharing two videos with you to soothe your soul and encourage you. Below is the short trailer of the longer video.


I believe it isn't ideal to shy away from God's Word even when we don't understand it, because His Word will always come through for you, even if you don't understand at first. The garden, the flood, the parting of the red sea, and the baby in a manger are historical accounts of God's power and love coming through for the human race, and He hasn't stopped. Think of His words in the Bible as a foreign language, the truths are another language from another dimension. You'll only get the hang of the language if you try to talk to Him first in your own. There was once a rapper/comedian who turned over a new leaf that said in a video somewhere that for him it doesn't make sense when confessing or ranting to God and trying to avoid being profane or rude in his desperation at times because He actually knows the words in his head before they come out. Think of God as the friend who's watching you punch walls or rip up paper while trying to tell Him how awful it all us and how fed up you are. Read on to get to the two videos I chose for men and women that I believe will help reset your heart and bring peace this week.

I feel that sometimes the lack in churches today revolves around trying to force feed a Heavenly language and message without the key, and that is love, supplying real love without the need for recognition. "Three things will last forever-Faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love." says the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13:13. A lot of groups try to deliver faith and hope to people in the most cutting edge way possible, that's okay but if love isn't at the heart of the plan it won't work. In order to experience ultimate peace you ought to draw near and persevere. At the heart of it, today, nobody makes sense like Jesus does once you listen to his words and let Him in. I believe that nothing we plan for ourselves, none of the next steps even if they've been deemed correct will ever work without Jesus with you.

Today I want to share two videos by a man and a woman I admire to help you shun any aversions to the Bible and spark inward reflection. The first one for women (men, please feel free to listen, too) is by Sheila Walsh her words have helped me get through some of the toughest times and I like how she never discounts the struggle or pain while trying to share about God's goodness and love. This 20-minute small group session video based on Sheila's new book "The Longing in Me" moved me last night. Believe me because of how true her words are, 20 minutes fly right past you when you watch this.

For men and families in general I recommend the current Holy Week series Christian Filipino singer/celebrity Gary Valenciano began posting just yesterday. My uncle's songs and words about the Lord have often set my heart at rest (or even made me laugh) in the most trying of times. Watch his first video primer "All About Holy Week" and stay tuned for more videos he will be posting this coming week on his YouTube channel.

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