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Video Results Are in

Posted on the 28 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Video is powerful for business social media. The quick answer, feedback and visual are immediately personal. YouTube provides free analytic data to measure views, engagement and demographics.


My children inspired me to make my first social media video.  They create aewsome videos of mermaid scenes, dramatic acting and just silly parodies. They wanted me to be funnier, I chose to be more professional.



The opportunity to incorporate video in your business social media campaign is at your fingertips.  YouTube is flexible and even has videos available showing how to best use YouTube.  Opportunity is yours, it’s out there, you need to reach your audience on a personal level.


Here are steps to incorporate video into your business social media:

  • Find an interesting topic about your business such as business history, location information, sales or promotions
  • Develop a simple two minute dialogue, make it simple and conversational
  • Consider your audience and speak to them
  • Sign up for a YouTube account “click here”
  • Comb your hair, dress well and check your teeth
  • Record your video and watch it before you publish
  • On the description field place your web address starting with http:// so that the link is clickable
  • Fill out relevant information
  • Make the video public
  • Post the video using the YouTube url to your website and other social platforms
  • Ask for comments and feedback

The video process was easy, the courage to hear your own voice and see your face was harder.

Please leave your comment below, [does my voice really sound like that]?

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