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Venus Conjunct Sirius - A Chance for Some Diplomacy but a Threat Remains.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

canis major 1

This connection is starting to take hold and is in effect up until 15th June 2013

A couple of days ago Mercury rolled over the fixed star Sirius in Canis Minor, the constellation of the great dog. Now it is time for Venus to do the same. As I explained before, Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and has always been seen as a place where the mundane can suddenly be transformed for a brief time into the extraordinary for the world to see.

The soothing, loving effect of Venus will now hold this spot in the sky for a couple of days on the back of her making an intense t-square with first Pluto and then Uranus, one within which relationships will have been strained to their limits. Venus if nothing else is a planet of diplomacy as well as of love, mainly through the influence of Libra who she rules which wants peace and fairness at all costs. This can instil a more calming influence over tense situations and hopefully settle some disputes that have been bubbling and boiling over the last few days.

There is a catch though and I think this applies especially to the on-going situation in Turkey. Mars is still going to be connected to Aldebaran during this time too and so we potentially have a double edged sword being shown. Take the peaceful hand of conciliation being offered (Venus conjunct Sirius) or take the consequences of more violent action (Mars conjunct Aldebaran) if you don't.

Outside this crisis, Venus conjunct to Sirius shows a chance for great creativity, art and beauty to be produced and for lots of love to be shown. Robson says this conjunction indicates ease, comfort and luxury, extravagance and gain by inheritance. Let's hope that these kinds of qualities can win the day...

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