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Venus Conjunct Chiron – The Power of Love Relieving the Pain.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

healing heart

Venus is conjunct to Chiron today (5th March 2013) in Pisces, one of those wonderful aspects that come along every so often that makes one feel at one with the world. Venus is love, Chiron brings healing and Pisces opens the channels for literally anything to happen.

The power of water can be used now to wash away any hurt or bring a flood of wonderful opportunities to solve problems in our lives. Conflicts may be becalmed, money troubles could be relieved, worry can turn to optimism and fears can be overcome, all with the healing love that is offered to us. Maybe you will be the one providing the healing or maybe someone will offer you a chance so help solve a troubling issue that you have been fretting about.
Look to where Venus and Chiron are making the conjunction, look for the house that Pisces is controlling on your chart and then for 9 degrees. That spot is the sweet spot for this hit, although your Venus ruled houses (Taurus & Libra) will also feel the lovely effects of this conjunction too.

Use and feel the positivity and love in the air today, and you will feel much better for it come the end of the day...

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