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Venus Conjunct Aculeus and Acumen – Being Hurt by Those Closest to You.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Scorpion 2

These connections are starting to occur now and will last until 4th November 2013. The conjunction to Aculeus is at 25:56 degrees Sagittarius occurs over 31st Oct and 1st Nov, and the one to Acumen follows on during 3rd and 4th Nov at 28:55 degrees Sagittarius.

The stars Aculeus and Acumen are both stars to be found in the sting of the Scorpion in Scorpio. The sting of a scorpion is used for attack and this star brings attacks of a kind that tests your strength of character. Any connection with Aculeus suggests that you may have to face criticism of some sort that tests your resolve, or perhaps events will happen that cause you a type of hardship that you have to overcome. Life will not be easy, but you find a way to battle through. Acumen is very similar in nature and is linked to the wearing down process of one’s resistance to constant criticism and attacks on one’s credibility. Think of someone who snipes at you all the time, is annoying and does not shut up, and eventually you either give in just to get some peace, or you fight back to hold your own. Do you know what I mean by this and do you know people like this?

I combine these two stars together not only as they have similar meanings as but also as both of these two are part of nebulae, star clusters that have traditionally been linked to blindness and problems of seeing. Where as I am sure that actual eyesight may be compromised in those of you who have difficult connections to these stars, I like to think that the effect of nebulae are to cause a type of blindness that precludes one from seeing the truth of the situation.

Ok, Venus entering the sting of Scorpio and combining with these stars brings with it the influence of love and relationships to the table. There are many possibilities that may come out of these conjunctions. Maybe you are going to find that some painful words will be uttered or deeds will be carried out right now by a current or former lover or partner that will affect you and will  you to the core? Maybe the actions that happen now are going to hurt and wound and will test your patience and resolve? Maybe you or someone close to you will be totally blind to the truth, will not have a hold on reality and they will be deluded or unable to see that you don’t have the same feelings for them as they have for you?

I expect that matters surrounding love and emotions connected to these themes will be very much heightened in the next week, especially as we also have the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd November too. Also expect conflicts or tensions heightened over the matter of money and possessions, what you value and with whom you share these resources with.

This double conjunction is one where you will get stronger if you can adjust and cope with the difficulties that may come your way. You may have to take a different attitude, you might have to change tack and go in a new direction. You might have to leave someone behind as you forge ahead. It’s time to be true to your values even if they are different than the ones that others are expecting or want you to follow, and if you are then I think you will benefit greatly.

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