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Vanity Cube At Home Salon Service

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04

In our fast paced lives everything is about priorities and in all the hustle bustle I often find ignoring my needs or being too lazy to look after myself sometimes. Who doesnt love a relaxing facial or the regular mani pedi and waxing done regularly but going to the salon is like making an appointment with yourself. What if I tell you that you cant make excuses anymore because Vanity Cube At Home Salon service ; you just need to make the call or better yet just go to the app and select your services.

How it works? You download the app and fill in your credentials. Then you select the services you require and then you get a confirmation call from Vanity Cube. They have a wide array of services from facials, to waxing to hair color and much more. Vanity Cube offers packages too, so you can go through the app and select your desired services.

I had booked an O3+ Whitening Facial , a Loreal hair spa and a classic pedicure. A warm friendly girl arrived on time and then she proceeded to set her equipments. She was very warm and courteous throughout the appoitment making sure I was comfortable at all times. The products were all neatly placed.

I really want to mention the detail to hygiene that was provided. Disposable mats were placed for the services to make sure no mess is left behind. Also all the products used were displayed neatly so I knew exactly what was being used.

Vanity Cube At Home Salon service review


The pedicure session was relaxing and the girl took care of the water temperature at all times to make sure I was ok with it. She took her time to finish the pedicure nothing felt rushed.

vanity cube at home salon service

Vanity Cube Pedicure set up

Vanity Cube At Home Salon service review


Then for the hair spa, after the application she proceeded to give me a very very relaxing head massage and also massaged my neck and back which I realized were aching for some tender love and care. Needless to say I was overjoyed.

Vanity Cube At Home Salon service

L’oreal Hair Spa

The facial was the most relaxing experience, all the steps were explained to me , since its a bit advanced facial which requires two separate face packs, one of which is a rubber type of a face mask. I thoroughly enjoyed my services and was go glad I took the time out to book the services.

Vanity Cube At Home Salon service

O3 + whitening facial

Vanity Cube has some really affordable services which you can easily compare from other at home salon service providers. But wait thats not all , on top of the already reasonable priced services offered by Vanity Cube I have a special discount for all you wonderful people . USE CODE : SUGANDHA20 to avail a 20% discount on your services. So enjoy your Vanity Cube At Home Salon service.


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