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Valentine's Day | Spent with LUSH This Year

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Lush- Will you be my Valentine??In this house Matthew and I have never been MASSIVE Valentine’s Day people, and don’t need just the one day to show each other we’re in love.But what girl doesn’t like to be spoilt? Well each and every year on Valentine’s Day Matt and I will have a dinner together (which he will usually cook) and then I go and soak in the bath while he looks after the girls and keeps them away from me for an hour, allowing me to relax.This year my supplies have already been bought as they came from LUSH’s Valentine’s Day release and sell out very quickly so I had to be quick.I couldn’t help myself though, and after receiving some truly horrible, heart breaking news I needed to lock myself away in the bathroom and soak in the bath while listening to music to block out the world. This is where I used mySex Bomb Bath ballistic $6.75Valentine's Day | Spent with LUSH this yearLooking at it is a purple/pink ball with a flower on top (well kind of submerged in the ball.)Then when you do drop it into your bath it quickly dissolves and you are left with a pretty paper flower on top.But because my brain was nowhere close to Earth I totally forgot to snap up some pictures, but you could imagine how beautiful it was.But my ballistic for Valentine’s Day was theTisty Tosty Bath Ballistic $6.75Valentine's Day | Spent with LUSH this yearWith beautiful dried rose buds made into the love heart shaped ballistic, which when put into the water end up floating on top of the water and are very easy to clean and get out when you are finished. Of course without really having to tell you, you would know the ballistic smells of beautiful (romantic) roses.The fragrant rose is surrounded with mystery and legend: it is said to have come from the Great Garden of ancient Persia; and Cleopatra is rumoured to have seduced Anthony with it. Rose perfume is said to ease tension and stress and to give people happy, positive feelings. You'll smell the real rose absolute in Tisty Tosty as soon as it hits the water. Give one away to someone you love and use one on yourself. Either way, the Tisty Tosty works its magic spell.I was actually sent one of these for review so was able to give it a go before Valentine’s Day, but quickly stopped off at my Highpoint store to buy another one for my Valentine’s Day. Initially I went there to buy the  Love Locket Ballistic, but they had completely sold out which was very upsetting.Well that was my Valentine’s Day plans, what's yours?

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