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RETREAT YOURSELF - "you Are Worth Every Minute You Spend on You"

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Whether we see it or not we all have a right to love our body from the inside out, after all love needs to start at home base I am a strong believer in the law-of-attraction.
This Winter has been quite a tough one and a lot of time spent indoors recently with my Dad passing away a month or so ago now. My way of healing from this is a whole lot of self-love and TLC as a life changing event  like this puts life right back into perspective.
So in these tough times the last thing I was looking to do was love me, I felt like the biggest part of me was missing. But because of that man I was here, I was lucky and blessed enough to have a tomorrow, so I quickly got my head out of the sand and realised being sad was normal but I needed to make the most of what I am blessed with.

Growing life inside me through these tough times reassures me I need to take care of myself and my body in order to make the best of what I have! So I started to turn to some natural home remedies and left the house to get my nails done. I felt great, although I was going through the saddest time of my life I felt like giving myself self love allowed me to find some happiness within the darkness.


Then I received my Winter RETREAT YOURSELF box, almost with perfect timing. Opening it up on one of the coldest Winters by the fire and revealing a whole heap of self love goodies made me smile on the inside.

One of the things I really love about RETREAT YOURSELF is every product I picked up was either Organic, Australian Made/Owned, not tested on animals, vegan friendly and natural. 


Winter RY Wellness Magazine
Winter Retreat Plan - explaining how you can use the products to create a day retreat at home

RETREAT YOURSELF - Bohemian Skin Cleanser - $32
RETREAT YOURSELF - Bae Starshine Perfume - $34.95
RETREAT YOURSELF - Hart & Soul Soup - $4
RETREAT YOURSELF - Eco. Modern Essentials Sinus Clear Essential OIl - $18
RETREAT YOURSELF - 2 x Krumbled Foods Collagen Beauty Bites - $8
RETREAT YOURSELF - Fitcover Collagen Mascara + Green Tea Fibre Want (lash mass kit) - $47
RETREAT YOURSELF - Human Bean Co Faba Beans - $4
RETREAT YOURSELF - Vayda Organics Soothe Blemish Relief - $34.95
RETREAT YOURSELF - MineTan Coconut Water Self Tan Mousse - $29.99 & MineTan Tanning Mitt - $7.99
RETREAT YOURSELF - Mr Lees Gluten Free Noodles - $4
RETREAT YOURSELF - True Water Infused Sparkling Water - $5
The cost of the RETREAT YOURSELF is $69.95 on a seasonal subscription - every 3 months, 30-day money back guarantee, cancel anytime - OR $79.95 for a Single Box. The best thing is for your $69.95 every box contains OVER $200 of full-sized value! I already love and buy bae vegan perfume, which is $34.95 per bottle and I also love and buy Eco. Modern oil’s, which are $18 a pop. So for me I pretty much purchased products I would normally buy and got the rest for free to try out as I please J
I’ve always been a fan of subscription boxes as it opens my eyes to so many amazing brands and products I wouldn’t usually buy, but because they are random in a box I try them out and use them. And then go on to buy afterwards because I fell in love and couldn’t get enough.
In my RETREAT YOURSELF I also received an information card on The Kindness Project-a “pay it forward” filling your empty RY box and re-gifting it to someone in need. For me this is going to be for Mercy Palliative Care and creating driver bags for those relying on drivers as part of their end of life plan like Dad did.  I will make another post on this once I finish sewing these bags up.

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