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*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
Hi Lovers!
This month's giveaway theme is "Show Some LOVE" in honor of Valentine's Day & L.O.V.E!! It's a complete Hallmark holiday but so what? We still love it...and not just because it's pink :-)
I put together a sweet bag of goodies for 1 winner!! Don't feel bad if you don't win because this is the first of my *Monthly Themed Giveaways*
This one is a LOT bigger than usual but I wanted to show some real LOVE for your support!!!!
The *Beauty of the Month* (the winner) will be determined by whoever shows the most LOVE!!! Everything counts as 1 point except "referrals." If you "refer" someone to sign up for my blog that counts as 2 points but they have to tell me you sent them so you can get your proper credit. Referrals do not have to also "like" my facebook and follow my twitter but if they do, I won't hold it against anyone ;-)
How to get "points"
*Refer a friend to sign up for my blog (2 points)
*Comment on my blog posts (1 point)
 *RT's & mentions on twitter (Convos not included) (1 point)
*"Likes" on Facebook pics, posts (1 point each)
 *+K on Klout (1 point)
I'm not saying to be a stalkerazzi, but be a sweetie and give me some sugar!!
To Enter You MUST:
*Send an email to ( [email protected]) with your first name & last initial/name and any info that will let me know it's you who's participating ie: yout twitter name, facebook..etc 
Title the email "V-Day Giveaway" letting me know you have entered. This way I'll know to track your participation.
1) Sign up for my blog (via email or on the blog itself somehow)
( )
2) Follow me on Twitter (@NewBeautyReview)
3) "Like" my facebook page (
It starts today and ends on Thursday, February 9th 2012 at 9PM PST/Midnight EST.
Make it work! Xo
Here's a look at what you're falling in love with Me for...haha! Just kidding silly, it's just a bag of treats!  ;-)
*Goody Bag*
1) 2 Heart Shaped lollipops (one Pink & one Red)
2) Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser w/6 refills (2x-Strawberry, Orange, Lemon)
3) Mini box of Strawberry NeRdS
4) Valentine Mix Jelly Belly (Jelly Beans)
5) Brach's Classic Conversation Hearts candy
6) Heart Shaped Cherry Ring Pop
7) Bag of Valentine's Day Plain M&M's
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
8) OPI-Nicki Minaj Collection-Pink Friday Nail Polish
9) Sally Girl Mini Pink Sparkle In Love Nail Polish
10) 1 pack of Pink hearts/flowers/bows Nail Decals
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
11) Ardell-Demi Whispies Glamour Lashes
12) Mini Lancome Definicils Mascara
13) e.l.f Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
14) e.l.f Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
15) NYX Xtreme Lip Cream (It's a deep hot pink & the texture is insane!!)
16) Mini Strawberry Cupcake Lip Gloss (Literally, it looks like a cupcake. Cuteness for days!!)
17) Ulta Slide Out Lip Gloss Duo
18) Mini Hand Held Mirror w/a zipper pull (So adorable)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
19) Colgate Wisps (2 pcs) (In case you find yourself about to have a smooch on this lovey dovey day)
20) Box of Hello Kitty Band-Aids (10 count)
21) Pen that looks like a Red Lipstick (I love this thing!!)
22) Spool of Red/Pink Hearts Ribbon (5 feet)
23) Pack of Red & Pink Heart Rhinestones (74 pcs)
24) Sheet of Red & Pink Glitter Mini Heart Stickers (200 pcs)
25) Sheet of Red & Pink Kissy Lips Stickers (14 pcs) (These look like my OCC Lip Tar pics...Lol!!)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
THEN...because you're so awesome and because I am too, you get to choose your last 6 items:
26) M.A.C Amplified Lipstick (The one & only DISCONTINUED-Show Orchid) OR (M.A.C Matte Lipstick-Please Me) OR (M.A.C Cremesheen Gloss-Loud & Lovely)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
27) Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips (Tattoo Much OR Bling It On)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
28) Jasmine La Belle Eye Glitter (Silver, Black OR Blue/Green)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
29) Jasmine La Belle Mini Lip Tint (01-Red OR 02-Nude)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
30) Spool of Ribbon (Glitter Pink OR Fashion Decals with heels & glitter pink bags...So cute)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
31) Brow Trim & Shape Disposable Razors (Pink, Purple OR Green)
*Valentine's Day 33 Item Deluxe Giveaway*
I know I said 33 items and this looks like 31 but...the lollipops count as 2 and this lovey dovey giveaway would not be complete without some Pink Glitter!! I will throw in a full size jar of L.A Splash, Pink Glitter if the winner can answer a secret question after they win.
I wish you all the best of luck & Thank You so much for participating!!
(Next up is St.Patrick's Day so I'll be doing a green, gold & rainbow giveaway)
Keep it pretty with Sugar on top!

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