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Valentine Announces Henry Will Remain as Owner of Red Sox

By Callofthegreenmonster @cotgm

Amidst a throng of reporters in his office, embattled Sox manager Bobby Valentine said he wished to put to bed rumors that Red Sox owner John Henry is in danger of losing his job.

"You can't blame John Henry for all the problems we've had this year," a pragmatic Valentine noted.  "Most of our problems, but not all. Certainly Larry Lucchino, Ben Cherington, Theo Epstein, all my coaches, and the players deserve some blame as well."

Valentine, however, stopped short of granting Henry a long-term endorsement, saying that time will tell. "I am always in the process of evaluating the talent in the organization, and the ownership group is no different.  If these guys don't start focusing more on the Red Sox than all their other interests, then I will make the appropriate changes and get new owners in here."

"I miss Tito," said a mournful Henry, when apprised of Valentine's remarks. "I really do."

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