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Jackie Bradley Jr. Wins Competition for Highest Leap off Pablo Sandoval's Stomach

By Callofthegreenmonster @cotgm


While Spring Training is a serious time to get ready for the upcoming season, it is also a time for players to unwind and have some fun. After a recent grueling day of workouts, Red Sox players decided it was time to blow off a little steam. Noting that Pablo Sandoval's belly seems to be bigger than ever, the wheels started turning for some of the more creative players, and soon a full blown competition ensued, with players using Sandoval's considerable girth as a trampoline.

"The guys just decided it would be a fun thing to do," said David Ortiz, happy that he was not chosen as the human trampoline. "Look at the stomach on the guy, some guys might leap off him and land right back at Fenway. I was worried I might hurt the guy, but I was ten feet in the air!"

While the competition was fierce and spirited, ultimately Jackie Bradley Jr. had the winning leap, soaring high above JetBlue Park while waving to his teammates.  "I knew I could do it," an elated Bradley said. "I'm just happy beyond words!"

"Yeah, this is just what any manager wants to see at Spring Training," said an exasperated John Farrell. "A grotesquely overweight overpriced third baseman and a failed top prospect not working on his game. When Jackie learns to hit a baseball, he can jump off Pablo's stomach all he wants."

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