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Vacation Humor – 10 Funny Travel and Vacation Memes

By Vacation10

To keep it lighthearted, time for some humor. Here are some of our favorite memes about vacations, travel and hotels.

10. Forever Alone – Vacation for one

travel humor forever alone on vacation alone

9. Troll Physics – Free Trip to Hawaii

travel humor free trip to hawaii troll physics

8. Nervous when flying

travel humor nervous when flying

7. Travel by train

travel humor travel by train

6. Vacations and weather

vacation humor bad weather

5. Best part about staying in hotels

vacation humor best part about staying in hotels

4. Little soaps in hotel rooms

vacation humor little soaps in your hotel room

3. Moving walkways at airports

vacation humor moving walkway at airports

2. When returning from your vacation

vacation humor when returning from vacation

1. Packing for your vacation

vacation humor packing for your trip

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