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10 Weird Traditions from Around the World

By Vacation10

A collection of weird traditions, rituals and ceremonies from around the world. Ranging from odd to funny to questionable in nature, you may want to witness some of them if you happen to be on vacation in the area at the right time. Others, not so much.

top 10 10
Vanuatu Land Diving, Pentecost Island

Like bungee jumping but using tree vines instead of a bungee cord. Find out more

top 10 9
World Gurning Championships, England

Involves people making ugly faces, the ugliest face wins. Find out more

top 10 8
Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling, England

Involves a wheel of cheese being rolled down a hill, with a gang of people chasing after it. Cheese Rolling

top 10 7
Daily Border Closing Ceremony, India and Pakistan

What looks like a mix of Ministry of Silly Walks audition and a mustache competition is actually the daily border

closing ceremony between India and Pakistan, which oddly enough involves both countries. Read More

top 10 6
Monkey Feast, Thailand

A huge spread of food is arranged for the local monkey population. Read More

top 10 5
Running of the Bulls, Spain

A group of bulls is released onto the city streets while the crowds try to run away and stay unharmed. Read More

top 10 4
Baby Throwing, India

The babies are dropped from roughly 50 feet onto a bed-sheet that is being held taut.It is supposed to bring good health and good luck.

top 10 3
Tomatina – Tomato Throwing Festival, Spain

The biggest tomato fight in the world. Read More

top 10 2
Jumping over Babies

Involves men dressed as the Devil jumping over newborn babies. Read More

top 10 1
Bullet Ant Gloves, Brazilian Amazon

As an initiation rite into adulthood, young men place their hands in gloves filled with Bullet Ants.

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