I want to inspire you to feel alive.

Let's face it. Life is crazy. Are there really any answers?

Probably not.

Our lives are filled chatter. Everyone has questions. Everyone has

answers. It's distracting! I want you to Listen to yourself. We're all on the same playing field. No one knows better than you.

I want to help you listen to you!

I want to inspire you; to dream; be daring; listen to your

gut; buck the trend; do what others only talk about.

I want to inspire you to take chances with your life. Let's have

some fun and be bold.


  • The Bang - Better Living

    What if you were to wake up one day, quit your career, and move to another country? Sometimes the things we value suddenly change. The weight on the scales shift and we instantly find ourselves living in a world that we know absolutely nothing about. This is a record of that on-going experience.