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Where’s Your Fruit Coming From?

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

Where’s your fruit coming from?If you have made the transition from canned foods to raw fruits and vegetables then you probably started in the produce section of your local super-market. First, let me congratulate you for being a savvy consumer. If we’re going to put fruits and veggies in our bodies they might as well be the real thing, but how real are those raw foods really?

Your fruits and vegetables can come from a number of sources. Locally grown is probably the safest bet, which is commonly found at your farmer’s markets. However, convenience plays a factor and that is why most of us choose the nearby grocer as the next best thing. Now things are getting tricky. One fruit and vegetable that appears identical doesn’t mean it is the same as the next.

A bundle of oranges might be cheaper than buying the individual variety. They might look the same, but the stickers will tell you the truth. You just might be loading yourself up with chemicals, or something else, that isn’t a raw fruit at all. Click on the info graphic above for details on how to be a super savvy consumer the next time you choose which brand of apple to buy. Pay attention to those stickers. You’ve come this far. Your body deserves to get what you’re paying for.

Image Source: thegiveproject.org

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