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The Martian Movie Quick Review

Posted on the 25 August 2016 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy

The Martian is a pretty good Movie. Not a great movie. Just a decent watch. End of review.
Only Joking. This maybe a short review but I'll try my best to include enough content to fit on the back of a postage stamp. I'm going to start off by admitting that I missed out seeing The Martian on the cinema. I'm pretty gutted about that since the big screen experience is made for Movies such as this one. Thankfully it has been added to the Now TV library of movies.
Here I go with the not quite so mini movie review.
Matt Damon is Mark Watney, the man stranded on Mars after a Nasa mission goes a bit awry. Just a bit of an understatement there. Mark has to survive the harsh Martian environment and find a way to remain alive, in the blind hope that he will be rescued. Of course, in my little review I will not be giving away any such titbits of information. I will divulge however that that film was directed by Ridley Scott and that it won several awards including a golden globe for best motion picture. Those two points were enough nudge me into the open arms of The Martian. The movie has Ridley Scott stamped all over it, the look, the characters and the action reek of Scott style. An overhead shot of the Hermes spacecraft reminded me of Alien. A touch of nostalgia. Apparently the team behind the movie consulted Nasa on many of the technical aspects of the story.
The action kicks off early in the movie and from the point that Watney is left alone it never really stops. The plot is pretty straightforward. There are no major twists and turns but it's interesting to see how Watney copes with the harsh Martian environment and also the isolation. So to surmise, the Martian is a good solid watch, a reliable companion to a evening indoors. It doesn't claim to be anything other than a well acted survival movie. With a Mars setting and an element of Apollo 13 thrown in for good measure.
Film highlights
Potatoes. (You'll see)
Cool science stuff.
Realism. Thanks to the cool science stuff.
As I have already said. It's not a great movie. It felt a bit run of the mill in places. But it's more than worth a watch. On that note. I bestow the following rating upon The Martian.
7.0 / 10
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