• Charlott's Garden

    Welcome to Charlott's Garden in South Devon nestled in between Dartmoor and the coast. I have spent a good few years working in Horticulture after getting my RHS level 2. I got to swing tools at the gardens at Westminster Abbey, The Chelsea Physics Garden and at Tom Hart Dykes World Garden at Lullingstone Castle. I have worked for Garden associates in London looking after private squares and after that had the privilege of a brief stint at RHS Wisley.
    After exploring mostly ornamental gardening I have developed a love of growing all things productive - fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs. So after lots of contemplating and some procrastinating and endless conversations with my husband and partner in crime as to how we want to live a independent and sustainable life with out turning into granola, incense burning and tie dye wearing hippies I have arrived at my part of our challenge.
    My goal is to grow as much of our own fruit, vegetables, herbs and cut flowers as possible. All of this will be happening at my allotment and in our small cottage garden. Now we all know that growing your own more often than not cost more than buying fruit and veg at the super market. In order to make this a success I need to make the allotment and garden pay for it self and try my hardest to at least break even!
    So follow my attempt at growing my own without breaking the bank and hopefully without breaking my back!