Passionate about life, creative and inspiring , Beth Schreibman Gehring has been helping others create lives that they love for over 20 years. Years of experience as a Interior stylist blended with an extensive background in public relations and marketing, personal and corporate branding, allowed her to work in and eventually become the President of Schreibman Jewelers East, one of the most gorgeous bridal, gift and tableware businesses in Northeast Ohio.

Schreibman Jewelers East was known all over the world for carrying incredible merchandise and providing extraordinary service to it's customers that is still missed daily by everyone who experienced it. It is her belief that in designing elegant traditions for our lives and beautiful environments to live within, that we lovingly craft fabulous memories for ourselves and our families. Beth knows first hand that anything that you can dream of, you can also create ! She loves to encourage her clients to envision exactly the lifestyle that they want and then give them the tools to create it, no matter how challenging!



  • The Windesphere Witch

    Creating Magical Environments and Seasonal Celebrations! I'm always out in the garden playing with my herbs or conjuring up wonderful new things to eat! I love all of the magical aspects of living as well as cooking for and entertaining my closest friends and family and don't even get me started on my passions for perfume and fashions! here you'll find recipes, potions, love spells, healing herbs and so much more.......

  • Stirring the Senses!

    Stirring the Senses is a blog written to enchant you, inspire you and help you create your life as a work of art! Designing the life that you love is easy when you have a friend to help you along the way. When you've created the life that you love, then I've been successful!